Burner Management System (BMS)

F & S Industriescan offer you a wide variety of BMS systems that can be customized for your application, including added safety on separators, heater-treaters and burners or any other industrial combustion device. Our basic BMS’s can be as simple as an alarm that will notify you whenever you lose your pilot flame, or more complex systems, where our BMS is combined with PLC’s, DCS’s, intricate valving and/or local or remote field instrumentation. Thus, giving you the ability to monitor, and control large multi-burner systems from a single source.

Start Up

Our user-friendly HMI lets you safely customize all parameters such as, flame intensity, delay flame response time and delay trial for ignition response time allowing you to delay the opening of your fuel valve. If required, you could also preset temperature, pressure, and/or flow for the pilot ignition. For international customers or customers that would prefer remote installation, we offer a 12 VDC or 24 VDC powered systems or a more environmentally friendly option, solar panels. 

Operation and Shut Down

Once your system has safely undergone the start-up phase, our BMS can monitor and control multiple parameters. During operation, data can be collected and stored locally, or exported utilizing a various communication links. The data acquired is utilized to safely control your overall system.

Above all, we supply a system sized to meet your specific requirements.

Our BMS’s range from a very simple standard controller to large complex custom systems.

If you need to ignite and monitor a single pilot flame, one of our standard economical BMS packages will meet your needs.

If you need an all-in-one solution for your burner management and control, our in-house staff will design a system to cater to your operation.

F & S Industries promisesto supply the most cost-effective solution!