Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

Lost gas vapor equals lost profit!
Our 100% capture efficiency will ensure you no losses!

Regardless of how you plan to recover your lost vapor, whether that be from a storage tank, separator or other sources, we will collaborate with you to test your emission rates and therefore determine the most suitable size for your Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU).

The way you choose to drive your VRU is not a problem, we accommodate for all drive sources such as, natural gas or electricity powered. H2S present in your Vapor? We have designed a state of the art unit that specifically deals with this issue. 

We are most proud of our patented compressor, the intuitively designed,high performance reciprocating compressor. This next-gen technology has many benefits:

  • Evacuates liquids during operation and standby modes.
  • Undergoes easily field maintenance without removing component at a low cost.
  • 100% closed loop prevents escape of vapors to the atmosphere.
  • high efficiency, little noise pollution and longevity.
Model NO. Suction Pressure
Discharge Pressure
Flow Rate