Vapor Combustion Unit (VCU)

Still emit your gas into atmosphere? No extra pipelines to sell your gas?
Not enough vapors to fill up the cost of recovery
Our VCU(Vapor Combustion Unit) can solve all of your problems!


In Oil & Gas industry, we can never be overly concerned with safety issues. Our VCU has been designed by HSE experts and approved by US governmental agencies. An enclosed and completely insulated design ensures the flame will not blow out, the control of the high surface temperature of your system and minimal noise pollution. However, there is no problem with unusual surges of gas flow from tank batteries that may not be handled by vapor recovery unit.

Specialized and Attentive

Once you start to use our VCU, you will experience our specialized engineering and attention to detail. The benefits include:

  • Simple to operate. You can easily set up your unit to “start” at 4 ounces vent gas pressure and “stop” at 2 ounces with the desirable burn temperature.
  • Standard gas flow measurement. Our smart panel, can measure gas flow and its accumulation, as well as display current and previous flow rates without using any additional components.
  • Easy to monitor and control -Why do you need to purchase a specialized computer to monitor and save your operation data? All the temperature, pressure and runtime data can be saved in a portable memory chip, which can be inserted into any computer and viewed as excel file!


We promise you a system including all the benefits listed above at an inexpensive price. We offer various size options ranging from 30 to 300 MCFGPD which will most definitely support your desired flare volume. Our systems are also modular, so components can be integrated or removed from the system at any time relative to your change in demand, thus maximizing your combustion efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Furthermore, a standard 12 Volts DC battery can be used, or you can choose to use a solar panel we provide for your daily operation. In the long run, with our constant support, our VCU will be your most cost-efficient choice!
"In the long run, with our constant support, our VCU will be definitely your most cost-efficient choice!"
"Our VCU has been designed by HSE experts and approved by US government agencies"